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Teko Saso - "11/11" (2011)

TEKO SASO "11/11"

Year: 2011
Genre: Doom/Sludge Metal, Anarcho-Rock
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. The 4th of May
  2. This Is My Crime
  3. The Lion Of The Ballroom
  4. In The Shadow Of The Gallows
  5. The Revolutionary Spirit
  6. Arise
  7. The Scaffold
  8. All The Tomorrows
  9. November Eleven

It was month ago when one of my anonymous readers has left a link to this album in comments to one of my entries... but only today I finally checked it out. Although there's "crust" tag for this album on Bandcamp, I don't think it's crust or black metal; it's rather doom/sludge/depressive rock played with a limited amount of instuments (only drums and baritone guitar). From what I've read on their page, Teko Saso are a duo, presumably from Chicago, whose debut album "11/11" is dedicated to the Haymarket martyrs:

"This record is inspired by the events known as the “Haymarket affair” of the late 1880’s, and dedicated to the people who gave so much for freedom in that struggle. All the lyrics are adapted from words spoken or written by the “martyrs”: Albert Parsons, Louis Lingg, George Engel, August Spies, and Adolph Fischer, as well as by their comrade Lucy Parsons. 11/11 signifies November Eleven, 1887, the date of the hanging of the four in Chicago (Louis Lingg had taken his own life the night before, presumably to deny the state the satisfaction). The five martyrs were subsequently interned together in Waldheim cemetery, Chicago. All five men (together with three co-defendants sentenced to long prison terms) were posthumously exonerated by Illinois Governor Altgeld.

Musically we tried to capture not just the outrage and tragedy of these mens’ murders, but a sense of their spirits as well. To willingly give one’s life for ideals is an act of faith and self-sacrifice that goes far beyond politics; it is the stuff that myths are made of, to shield us in shadow from the light of truth…

Teko Sãso is a Guarani phrase which roughly translates into “the state of breaking chains”. This is the essence of what we hope to be about as a band: to inspire dreams of freedom and beauty...

released 01 May 2011
kerana-drums, voice
creaghe-baritone guitar, voice
recorded by daniel"


Note: this is a low quality rip of the album. You can buy the HQ version on Bandcamp for a symbolic price. Just like in case of Lucifer The Lightbearer, the music on "11/11" is quite experimental and some of you might not like it... but at least give it a try.

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