Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Voland - "Voland" (2008)

VOLAND "Voland"

Year: 2008
Genre: Symphonic Black Metal
Country: Italy

Track List:
  1. Leningrad
  2. Il Generale Inverno
  3. Il Lago dei Ciudi

Voland are a sympho-black metal duo from Bergamo (northern Italy). Their song "Leningrad" was posted to our facebook group with the following annotation: "Italian RABM from my city! there isn't place for the nazi scum..." While I don't know if Voland themselves define their style as RABM, their lyrical message is quite clear: they sing about the events of Russian history in WWII, most notably - about the siege of Leningrad. Good stuff, but I'm afraid that a lot of national bolsheviks and similar types will like this EP too...

Voland is the name of Satan in M.Bulgakov's "The Master & Margarita". While Bulgakov's political views were anything but leftist, "Master & Margarita" is one of the greatest Russian-language literary works of XX century from any point of view.

The music is good, but doesn't really stand out of the line of other not so well-known symphonic BM. The vocals are either clean or growls, almost no typical BM screaming on this EP. The overall quality of production is fine, but they definitely need a real drummer. I know there's a shortage of good drummers everywhere, but the programmed drums are the weakest part of Voland's music.

P.S. This EP is freely distributable under Creative Commons license.

P.P.S. Unfortunately I don't have an opportunity to check my mail (let alone answering to it) right now. Hope I'll do it this weekend...


  1. Great one

  2. great band!! hi dude, if u want, you can check this band:

    anarchistcrustpunk with many influences rabm

    cheers from brazil, bro, and thanx for ur work in the blog