Saturday, April 23, 2011

Axidance & Заводь - split (2011)

(A)XIDANC(E) / ЗАВОДЬ "split"

Year: 2011
Genre: Blackened Crust, Neocrust, "Rock Noir"
Country: Russia / Ukraine

Track List:

  1. Пoкa Дoгopaeт Пocлeдний Кocтep
  2. Ha Paзбитыx Cкaлax Oтчaяния
  1. Oдa Cвиньям И Их Пacтyxaм
  2. B Кaнaвax (на стихи Б. Пастернака)
  3. Клeймo Heизлeчимocти
  4. Пpoщeниe B Myкax

Those guys from Kharkiv are incredibly productive - not so much time has passed from the release of their latest EP, and here's another portion of their work: a split album w/ Axidance. When compared to previous releases of both bands, it sounds a bit different: Axidance became more of a BM band than a neocrust one, and Заводь's sound became more melodic and less brutal, with slightly more decipherable vocals. It's probably what they call "noir rock"... This album also contains some elements of shamanic folk music and tribal chants (on Axidance's side).

And for those who wondered how to pronounce "Заводь". It is ['zavədʲ],with z and v pronounced like in English; a - like u in the words like "nut", stressed; ə - rather like a in "about", unstressed. The soft "d" in this word has no English equivalent... maybe like d in "dew"? Anyway it's wrong to pronounce it with hard "d" (like in English), because you'll get "завод" which means "factory"; but "заводь" means "river creek".


  1. For some reason I've not been able to extract the files. I love what I've heard on both bands' myspaces and would love to listen to this in full.

  2. Ah, I just had to use a different program ;)

  3. Not disappointed. Everyone, download this now!

  4. Panda

    :D I was about look for the second band' meaning but Black wrote it there

  5. the new split 12" LP with gattaca is out now. tape and css versions available soon. free download here:

    1. Yes, I know, it was already posted on Posted it here as well.