Monday, March 7, 2011

Fields Of Fire / Merkaba - "Continuum" (2010)


Year: 2010
Genre: RABM, Atmospheric/Melodic Black Metal
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Continuum
bonus (Fields Of Fire):
  1. Bretton Woods
  2. Static Lingering

I saved the best release for the last... and finally you have a chance to hear one of the most promising new RABM bands! They're called Merkaba, and they're a project of Kentucky-based local branch of Red & Anarchist Action Network. Here's some info about them and their previous project, Fields Of Fire, provided by RAAN:

"Fields of Fire was amazing, mixing Cascadian-inspired black metal with flute and piano but they broke up before ever having a chance to record an album. The two songs in this file are the only ones they ever made that could be considered somewhat finished (they have three demo tracks on Myspace, but the band doesn't like the way they sound)

Merkaba is still really new, but is a three-piece incorporating two of the ex-members of Fields of Fire, from Kentucky (same state as Panopticon). They still play black metal but it is much more experimental now. They are hopefully going to record a full-length sometime early in 2011, but for now their only release is a CDR called Continuum, limited to about 50 hand-folded copies, which features one track that was recorded live for local radio with hand drumming in the beginning... This is the first band we know of to feature RAAN's symbol and link to the website on their album, so it is significant. Their politics are communist and of course RAANista, so they are eco-spiritual and anti-civilization, pro-permaculture etc."

I can confirm that the music is amazing, especially the instrumental track by Fields of Fire. The other track of FoF has some vocals, but (in my opinion) it'd be better without vocals. "Continuum" by Merkaba is also instrumental, and it's much more experimental than the stuff by FoF. Overall, it's a great release, and I can't wait for a five-song full-length album by Merkaba (it's already recorded but not mixed yet; it also will include a cleaner version of the song "Continuum"). Highly recommended to everyone who likes Cascadian black metal scene (and unorthodox black metal in general)!



  1. Thank you for posting this! This is some of the most inspired music coming out of the US right now, and RAAN is the best thing that has ever happened to the north american anarchist movement!

  2. Also thanks for this from my part.

    Bretton Woods is a very enjoyable cascadian black metal piece. I actually prefer this style with non-prominent or no vocals.

    Continuum creates a nice hypnotic, almost soothing atmosphere in the later blastbeat part. Like it very much.


  3. Fascinating release. Reminds me somewhat of Wheels Within Wheels, which is a very good thing.

  4. ...talking of which... any chance of posting 'The Six Months Of The Northern Course Of The Sun'. I've looked but I cannot find anywhere.

  5. You mean this? Unfortunately, I couldn't find it anywhere too.

  6. Go to EEE Records ( order the Wheels Within Wheels "The Six Months Of The Northern Course Of The Sun" now!