Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Anne - "A Cursed Night" (2011)

ANNE "A Cursed Night" (+ various songs)

Year: 2011
Genre: Neofolk / Darkwave / Dark Folk
Country: Argentina

Track List:
  1. Blue Surge
  2. I Say...
  3. VIII

  1. Demons in the trees
  2. Bikes & guns
  3. Depressive order of the golden dawn
  4. Sol muerte
  5. Rain forever
  6. Sun
  7. V

Here are two debut EPs by an one-man neofolk project from Argentina. His main sources of inspiration were bands like Current 93 and Death In June, but he was tired by NS/fascist atmosphere surrounding this genre, so he decided to record his own music (his beliefs are close to individualist anarchism and environmentalism, if I understood him correctly):

"In my music and concept i try to go deep inside myself and go beyond words, search for beauty and freedom in the darkness. For me enviromentalism and anti state ideas can be perfectly embodied with this music, that represent nature, beauty, prosperity to diferent cultures and his relationship with their environment"

Of course I can't compare it with Rome or Sieben (BTW, the song "Rite Against The Right" by Sieben should be the theme song for the whole Neofolk Against Racism community), but it's not bad for a demo. There's one track which sounds more like darkwave/industrial than acoustic folk, and I liked it the best.



  1. Hi, we are a black metal band from Buenos Aires , Argentina..Temple Av Lidelse is our name.. I really like your blog.. my name is Esteban (Also Life Eternal.. as artistic name... or smthg).. here a send you two demos.. they're both from 2010. the band is not formed by political scenes.. however, I am facing the socialist parties, together with anarchists and communists ideas.. that's why I made songs like El último de los Romanov.. or The Last of the Romanov's .. also Sistema de opresión social.. or System of social oppression, both songs are against the neo nazi scene.. and y really hate the NZ scene into the black metal music. that's why im sending you those 2 independent demos.. (we have..3 or 2 more haha) if you want some more, just contact me.

    e-mail : crimenesdeguerra@hotmail.com

    Cheers from Argentina!

    Temple Av Lidelse - Sesiones en el infierno (Demo)



    Temple Av Lidelse - jævla tortur (Demo)


  2. There was an error .. this is the for the first demo:

    Temple Av Lidelse - Sesiones en el infierno (Demo)


  3. the link is down, please fix it. Great blog, keep it going

    1. Thanks! Unfortunately you'll have to wait, because I have over 500 albums in my re-upload queue ("thanks" to mediafire who deleted my account with all the files), and the priority of this particular album isn't high.