Saturday, February 19, 2011

Full Bladder & Crucify Yourself - split (2002)


Year: 2002
Genre: Blackened Hardcore / Crust
Country: Czech Republic

Track List:

Full Bladder
  1. Obchod Se Smrtí
  2. Šapitó
  3. Svobodný Otrok
  4. Reklama Konzumu
Crucify Yourself
  1. Slzy
  2. Ukřižuj Se

This is a very rare 7inch vinyl release sent to me by one of my Bulgarian readers, and I'll be probably the first to make it available on the net. Not much is known about both of these bands. Crucify Yourself was a 4-piece Czech blackened hardcore/screamo band with anti-religious lyrics, and Full Bladder was a very obscure blackened crust/hardcore band with political lyrics, again from Czech Republic. Both bands are no longer active. 

The archive includes all the music and booklet scans. No copyrights or catalogue numbers are available, but there's some contact info in the booklet. Don't know if the majority of my readers would enjoy this split, but at least it's an interesting and very obscure piece of early Czech blackened hardcore/crust.


  1. ït's still possible to buy this split here in czech republic. people from both bands playedf in lot of czech rust/hardcore bands such as mass genocidfe process. a good release.


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