Sunday, September 5, 2010

Her Ethic - 4 albums ("Spoiler Warning: YOU DIE", "Roadkill / The Asclepius", "Skyclad" and "The Machine / Nexus")

HER ETHIC - 4 albums

Years: 2010 
Genre: Industrial Rock / Dark Ambient 
Country: Norway
Label: Extraterrestrial Search For Intelligence 


"Her Ethic is an experimental electro-rock band from Norway, inspired by early post-punk and industrial music. The Order of Her Ethic consists of Fredrik Falk and Sti Wold. They formed June 6, 2006, in an abandoned wearhouse across the street from Union Scene, Drammen."

This description was taken from their page, and don't know much about Her Ethic, but they have been labeled as "anarcho-industrial", "anarchist goth", "discordian rock", "fnordic rock", etc. All their albums are available for free download from Bandcamp, except for their debut release called "The Overwhelming Unnecessity of Everything". This is really strange stuff, and I can't say I understood it from first listening, but it's a good start for my series of posts about industrial rock.


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