Monday, July 26, 2010

H.C.C.E. Orwell - "Hordas en la Jungla" (2009)

HCCE ORWELL "Hordas en la Jungla (demo)"

Year: 2009
Genre: Death Metal / Blackened Crust
Country: Spain

Track List:

  1. Rabia y deseo
  2. Chakaloides
  3. Piratas de Libertalia
  4. Blasfemando entre serpientes
  5. Si yo no ardo
  6. Contra la Europa fortaleza
  7. Hordas
  8. Corazon de un mundo enfermo
  9. Robo


HCCE Orwell are a 3-piece anarchist death metal / black metal / crust punk band from Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain). The vocalist is from Chile, and the guitarist is from France, but the whole band currently resides in Barcelona. According to their last known lineup, they have no bassist. Their first and only demo "Hordas en la Jungla" was released in September 2009 and contained only 3 tracks. This version contains 6 more tracks ripped from their myspace. Enjoy!


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  1. liked this post a lot
    maybe it's because for some reason it reminds me of unholy grave