Monday, May 24, 2010

Заводь - split w/ Dirtpill & Zuboroth (2010)

ЗАВОДЬ "3-way split w/ Dirtpill & Zuboroth"

Year: 2010
Genre: Blackened Crust / Grindcore
Country: Ukraine

Track List:
  1. Аахенский Зверь
  2. Magesår
  3. Вчера Догорели Костры Последних Рассветов
  4. Изгибы Марлевых Масок
  5. Эра Волопаса
DOWNLOAD (alternative link)

I've already posted one EP by these Kharkiv guys, who previously participated in Life Is Hell. Now their lyrics became less straightforwardly political and more focused on abstract subjects, but it isn't nesessary a bad thing. Here's their latest release - a split album with Dirtpill (Russia) and Zuboroth (Belarus). I'll post only Заводь's side, because the other two bands are playing some kind of sludge/drone/noise rock, and it isn't most people's cup of tea. If you still want the whole item, you can get it in a lot of places (, for example).

Yes, they're well aware of the RABM movement, but they don't label themselves "RABM" - they're playing a mix of crust, black metal and grindcore/powerviolence, so their music doesn't belong to any particular style. Additionally, they don't divide black metal scene by the political stance, but you can be sure that they're against racism, sexism and another kinds of shit like that, and they don't need neither gods, nor masters.

...By the way, what's with the title of the 1st track ("The Beast Of Aachen")? I know about the Beast of Gévaudan, but what's the beast of Aachen? Even Google search yields no results.


  1. Привет! Пишу на русском - английский плохо знаю. Аахенский Зверь - образ волка, взятый из легенды. Церковь в городе Аахене была построена на деньги дьявола, которые он дал в обмен на душу первого прихожанина. Какой-то человек придумал, как обойти договор и кинул в церковь волка, который по христианской религии является созданьем божьим. Собственно, смысл песни в том, что и христианство, и дьяволопоклонничество, и большинство других религий лишены всего духовного - они взрощены на убийствах и обманах.

  2. Все ясно, спасибо. P.S. Писать можно и на русском, и на английском, и даже на немецком - как-нибудь пойму :)