Monday, May 31, 2010

Some research on anti-NS, anarchist or communist/anti-capitalist BM bands

Recently S. (the guy behind Crucified Bastard) has done a big search for black metal bands who claim to be anarchist, communist/anti-capitalist, or just against NSBM. The results were posted on our forum, and here I'll try to sum them up.

First of all, the USBM band Grinning Death's Head is claimed to have anarchist lyrics. There's very little info about the band, but they're signed to Youth Attack Records, which is a hardcore label. Although some people dislike YAR, because (according to their words) it is a commercial project which is releasing hipster garbage. Don't know if it's true, but I feel better to restrain from posting any of YA releases in my blog.

Then Reencarnación, a black/thrash metal/punk band from Colombia. Their releases got ridiculously low ratings on Metal-Archives, but honestly, their latest album "Más Hombres, Menos Estatuas" isn't THAT bad. Yes, it's just generic thrash metal, nothing special, but still listenable. As for their most well-known release, "Metal 888" (1988) - it's just VERY raw proto-black metal/punk in the vein of Venom and early Bathory. The extremely low quality of production is forgivable, I think, because it was one of the first such releases in 80's Latin America.

Other bands found by S. include Raven's Blut (for me that band look really stupid, though), Fredsdue (anarcho-black metal from Norway most likely a joke band), On Horns Impaled (typical "true" black metal at a first glance, but the members are anarchists), Euphoric Mutilation, Kata Sarka, Torment, The True Beltez, Thy Wicked, Voldsom, Knowhere (yes, they appeared on Burning Roots compilation!), AX, Fear Of Existence (anarcho-primitivist BM from Baltimore), Hagalaz, Evilords (anti-NSBM), Schwarzkristall (against NSBM too), Zextencia Interina, Dunkelheit ("NSBM, Rassisten und sonst irgendein Dreck hat hier nix zu suchen.....Fuck off an Die!!!"), Waldgeflüster ("WALDGEFLÜSTER is no part of NSBM. There is no place for leaders in free thinking!"), Vessel, Dead and Forgotten (anarcho-pagan BM from Italy), Fallen Tyrant, Gorphyryac and Ygramul. + my own discoveries: Whip (grind BM), Noia (Italian blackened crust), VÅLD (Swedish blackened crust), and Modern Dark Age. A pretty huge list of bands to check out, you see.

Additionally, the members of Russian political hardcore/screamo band Namatjira started a new black metal project called Preface To The Dead Sea. Warborn / Hospise split album is yet to be released, but the Warborn's side of the split is already available online. I also found Embers' side of their split w/ Book Of Belial, and it's just AWESOME. Excellent black/doom metal, really simular to JWP or Terzij De Horde. I still can't find the tracks by Book Of Belial, though.

That's enough for today, I think. Don't know when the next update will be - maybe in July, when several RABM bands are about to release their albums. See you, and don't forget to visit our forum!


  1. Hey check this - communist Russian trash metal

  2. I am sorry, it is not communist, it is miner metal :-))) Stachanov rules!

  3. Guerrilla (Germany) are a very good an red Trash Metal band:

  4. Great blog... fuck stupid NSBM!!!!