Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Etacarinae - "In These Dark Times" (2009)

ETACARINAE "In These Dark Times"

Year: 2009
Genre: Neocrust
Country: Spain / Portugal

Track List:
  1. The moment
  2. In these dark times
  3. Shunyara
  4. The hell we created
  5. Stench of death
  6. Abyss
  7. The mirror
  8. Incomplete
  9. Misery (Bastard)
  10. Moral/Immoral
  11. Lock up
  12. An almost certain death
  13. Seasonable piece of shit whispers nightmare boredom
  14. Fools swallowed click to oblivion

The most precise description of that band's sound is "dark cosmic apocalyptic neocrust". Actually, they sound much like other Spanish neocrust bands, so if you like Madame Germen or Ekkaia, you'd like Etacarinae. There isn't any big influence or black metal, but I think I must post it at least because they use samples from Blade Runner! ;) You can discuss this album here.


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