Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Crucified Bastard - demo tracks & rehearsals (2010)

ⒶCRUCIFI(E)D B(A)STARD☭ "demos & rehearsals (myspace rip)"

Year: 2010
Genre: RABM / Blackened Crust / Punk
Country: Greece


Well, we all are very tired of waiting for Crucified Bastard's first official release... so I decided to make this myspace rip. Of course, most of these tracks are far from finished (a lot of tracks without vocals, drum machine instead of real drums, etc.), so if you want to hear a finished product, it would be better for you to wait for the official release. Anyway, that one-man project by S. from Thessaloniki is one of the most radical RABM acts up to date, and i love how open that guy is about his political position. Hope for more good stuff from him! The cover versions of songs by Discharge and The Exploited are good, by the way.



  1. Please could you tell me, how are you riping music from myspace?

  2. Now I'm using Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder: http://www.download-streaming-video.com/streaming-audio-recorder/ Looks like it's the only program that can rip music from myspace.

  3. Thank you a lot!

  4. Mdrrr tu red anarchist black metal... vous avez vraiment rien dans le ciboulot!

  5. Heres S, from Crucified Bastard.
    2 things:
    This stuff is not even at demo phase. This stuff are only ideas. At the end the songs may be completely different
    and 2nd
    Im searching for members or at least a drummer. When i find a drummed there will be an official release cause i dont want a drumm machine. If i find also 2 guitarist i will start doing gigs.
    Keep up the good work. Fuck Nazis and NSBM.
    Cheers, S. (A)//(E)

  6. finally soemthing from this band!
    cant wait for some more to be released, if it will even be released, BUT KEEP THIS PROJECT UP DUDE

  7. Heres S from Crucified Bastard again.
    Im gonna re-record the songs (with some changes and vocals) and maybe this will be an official Demo but for now it will be recorded especialy for this blog. It will have drum machine but way better quality than these songs. Im tired of waiting to find a drummer. Of course if I find one I will record an apropriate Demo or maybe an Album who knows till then.
    Cheres till next time!!!

  8. Yes I understand it's not a demo at all... but there were a lot of people who just couldn't wait to hear any stuff from you S.! Hope for the proper demo or even an album to come from you! Good luck!

  9. Looking for the new Crucified Bastard recordings that are also in the myspace profile.


  10. Can somebody re upload Crucified Bastard - demo tracks & rehearsals (2010) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE..