Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Shikabane - 1st EP + split w/ Agathocles

SHIKABANE (屍) 1st EP + split with Agathocles

Year: 199?
Genre: Grindcore
Country: Japan

Track List:
  1. 善悪
  2. 人間に生まるること難し
  3. 独裁者
  4. 現実逃避
  5. 罰すべき世俗の偽善者
  6. 過剰欲
  7. 精神安定剤
  8. 虚栄の過ち
  9. 身心脱落
  10. 無心無念の境界
  11. 所業 + 無
  12. 仏造って魂入れず
  13. 摩訶般若波羅蜜多心経 + 欲にきりなし、地獄に底なし

I've already posted all releases by Shikabane that I have, expect for the first EP and the 3 tracks from their split EP with Agathocles. Well, here it is! Of course, it's not metallic hardcore / blackened crust, as on their latest releases, but rather fastcore/grindcore with very fast and short tracks. It still resembles Radioskugga a little, though.

It's unknown if they are still active as a band, or if they have any other releases beside those I've already posted. But anyway, they already left their mark in history of Japanese hardcore/crust scene.

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