Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Drifter - "Nowhere To Hide" (1989)

DRIFTER "Nowhere To Hide"

Year: 1989
Genre: Technical Thrash Metal
Country: Switzerland
Label: Teldec / Frontrow

Track List:
  1. So Much Blood
  2. Strontium Dog
  3. Concrete Jungle
  4. King Corruption
  5. Forgotten Tower
  6. Principle of Speed
  7. Shame of a Perfect Race
  8. The Elder
  9. We Can't Be Beaten

"If you wanna be in my gang
Stand up with me
We'll start a revolution
And make the streets free..."

Don't you know that there were a lot of good political metal bands back in the 80s? No, I wouldn't post very well-known stuff like Kreator, but I definitely feel that I should post the whole Amebix discography, and some other 80's bands that made a great influence on today's RABM scene. But I'll do it in the next few days, and now you may enjoy an another metal band from the 80s - Drifter.

Drifter have started in the early 80s as a fantasy-themed metal band, but later they became much more socially/politically conscious. At least "Nowhere To Hide" has only one or two songs with fantasy-based lyrics. All the other tracks are about more serious topics such as nuclear war, environmentalism, corrupt politicians, etc. and their lyrics generally seem to be very left wing. The musicianship is also excellent; if you like old school heavy/thrash metal, you definitely would like "Nowhere To Hide". Check out the track "Strontium Dog", for example...

P.S. Surpisingly enough, the band is still very active and playing concerts (though not releasing anything new). Here's their myspace.

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