Thursday, January 31, 2019

Lord Effluvia - "The March of Suffering" (2018)

LORD EFFLUVIA "The March of Suffering"

Year: 2018
Genre: Harsh Noise / Power Electronics
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Nationalism is Stockholm Syndrome
  2. .....With Open Maws
  3. A Drowning in Vyatskoye, 1948
  4. The Ill Son
  5. Paradise in Pyongyang
  6. Compulsory
  7. Monogrammatic
  8. The Horrors Are Countless
  9. The Ill Son (Demo Version) (Bonus Track)

Lord Effluvia is an one-man dark ambient / harsh noise project from Canton, Ohio.

Lyrical themes include various crimes committed against humanity, including the innumerable horrors caused by global capitalism, imperialism, jingoistic nationalism, etc. Anarcho Communist philosophy, Dreams, Hopelessness, Depression, and Self Hatred.

"The March of Suffering" is a historical piece set in the 90s North Korean famine, otherwise known as The March of Suffering or The Arduous March, whose body count is estimated to be as high as 3,500,000 deaths out of a total population of 22 million people, killing approximately 6% of the population. Causes include US/Western economic blockades, mismanagement from the bureaucratic ruling class which includes the state sanctioned private owners of the means of production, causing the then Public Distribution System to collapse that provided food to everyone, all coinciding during a terrible period of floods and droughts on the countries minimal amounts of arable soil, on top of the DPRK's Military First policy which caused the military to take most foreign aide for themselves, citizens rarely seeing it in illegal black markets.

Portions of the album also touch on the DPRK's vast prison camp system, many of which accounts coincided with the famine in the outside world.

An account of the failures and horrors of state capitalism and the dictatorship "of the proletariat", and other such faux socialist reactionary totalitarian states, and by extension the failures of rigid class based hierarchy.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Sarparast - "Peace Is In Your Ablution or Our Bayonets" (2018)

SARPARAST "Peace Is In Your Ablution or Our Bayonets"

Year: 2018
Genre: Black Metal
Country: USA


Sarparest is a black metal project by two biomedical scientists from NYC with an optimism for a better world and the material understanding of the unmerciful struggle we are faced with. This piece was exclusively written for Worldwide Organization of Metalheads Against Nazis