Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Forward To Eden - A Human Artefact

Genre: Death Metal / Hardcore /SxE Metal
Country of origin: Germany
Year: 2018


Forward To Eden was started in 2014 as a solo music-project and a vehicle for the message of veganism/animal- and earth liberation. The name is based on an old hardline zine, which basically holds and explains the manifest. I am aware of the controversy around this topic, but deliberately choose the name to provoke and incite. In the first incarnation Rat (Statement, Unborn, etc.) joined them on drums and they recorded a short promo, which although never was properly released (until the first compilation tape/cd in late 2016). In the second incarnation "The Vegan Warrior" (who choose to stay anonymous) joined them on drums and Tom O'Brien (Unborn, Noyade, etc.) on Bass. Under this line-up they released a demo cd, a split 7" w/ Content With Dying (ex-Fourth Crusade) and an EP (all from one recording session in early 2015).
The lyrical main-concern was/is about the fight for liberation and the life in this carnistic society. Besides the protruding diy-work (ethics they always held high) and the obvious 90's influence, a bunch of (partly subtle) anime allusions and movie snippets were/still are distinctive for FTE.
The upcoming debut full-length now is a full solo-work and combines everything they learned during these last 4 years of the bands existence. Even though it being a solo-project they are going to give some exclusive release-shows in different parts of europe (with lots of spoken word) to represent/distribute the record as much as possible. Also it being co-released with Catalyst Records from the US and having a CD version by Mark My Words (UK) as well as Tape versions by Diorama (Indonesia) and HEAL (USA) is a pretty big thing to them which they are very grateful for - and they , still believe that music can make a difference. The LP is entitled "A Human Artefact", which correlates with the cover artwork, a photo by Chris Jordan from his Albatross/Midway series... this is their manifesto (coming with the album) Since humans developed the skills to alter nature, they started to create what the follow-up generations would refer to as "artefacts". A cultural artefact is always something typical and defining for a certain era; something that reflects the spirit of that age. Most of these artefacts occur naturally and unintentionally, they are not primarily made to give information or serve a particular purpose for the posterity; but nevertheless they do. As they understand it, it is a sacred duty to conscientiously deal with the subject of the artefact of our generation and the artefact of humanity as a whole; will it be another object of exorbitant splendour, manufactured by any means, despite any consequences to others with the aim to simply line the pocket of some so-called "elite" individual? Will it be an outstanding piece of craftsmanship; designed to kill in an unprecedented manner, to ensure the survival of a nation or to inflict fear into the hearts of their enemies? When they look at our generation and search for "things that will last" and give an indication about the way of life which surrounds us, they cannot avoid seeing the facts of what the current populace are susceptible to and what those who claim to be in command are responsible for: that every year we discard of around 8,000,000 metric tons of plastic into the oceans - which adds to the 150,000,000 metric tons already impacting upon the survival of marine life, which in turn impacts on the survival of all life on this planet - we are urged to consume and give away our hard earned money to buy obsolete electronic scrap which is already outdated before all the stock has been sold; to make way for new models - so we have to keep purchasing in order to keep up with "progress", landfills are bursting at the seams, as more and more waste is created than designated landfills could possibly contain, leading them to be prone to producing more air pollution and environmental destruction. We have to ask ourselves: What do we want the story which we will tell to future generations to sound like? What do we want to communicate and pass on to the next generation? And, if the days of humanity are already numbered, what do we want the human artefact to be? They do not want to further contribute to a Zeitgeist of war and blight of all that is natural, at the hands of anthropocentric maniacal rulers, who do not speak or act for you or I. They want to instigate a culture of alteration, opting to deliberately become ostracised from the current repulsive miscarriage of justice of the natural law, which surrounds every fibre of our being, from every available angle. To restore the human nature, free from indoctrinated lies and egocentric, self-destructive mindsets, we have to accept our atrocities, change our direction and proceed forward to eden.

Favourite song: To Follow Blind