Saturday, March 24, 2018

Tarpan - "Бездна" (2018)

Country: Russia
Genre: Death Metal Crust
Year: 2018

I can ear a lot of Obituary mixed with crust punk. I really appreciated it, instead of I don't like death metal.


"Our texts have anti-militarist appeals, each text has its own meaning and appeal."

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Bâtard EPs - Chaos (2011) Hibernation (2013) Pluies (2017)

Genre: D-beat dark madness
Country of origin: Canada
Year: 2011/ 2013/ 2017

Noisy d-beat black metal from Québec.
"Formed in 2009 in Montreal, Canada, Bâtard is a trio that makes a hybrid of black metal, punk and noisy industrial. Inspired by isolation, anger and hatred, Bâtard takes their rock and electronic roots to make an illegitimate sonic mix of guttural screams, cold guitars and noisy synth beats. Chaos & Hibernation (2014), a combination of the first two EPs, was released on CD by Russian independant label Kunsthauch. In 2018, american tape-only Witchcult records released the Pluies EP. Disgusted by the music business and rock'n'roll lifestyle, the three members are entirely dedicated in creating new music; therefore, Bâtard never tour. They are right now recording new tracks, particularly written in a hardcore punk vein. Bâtard embraced the impurity of its sound, celebrating disorder and imperfection."
"Hibernation" is totally pure grimy black metal, "Pluies", my favourite, is more lofi than the others.


*special mention to "Nomade" from "Chaos": unique experience.


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Regnvm Animale - "Brinna" / Norn - "Brenna" Split (2018)

Regnvm Animale - "Brinna" / Norn - "Brenna" Split

Year 2018
Genre Crust Black Metal
Country Sweden / Iceland

"This split release brings together Sweden's Regnvm Animale and Iceland's Norn for a joint release of furious blackend crust. 5 songs each of raw fury and disappointment with two distinct approaches to and takes on the extreme metal genre. About us, Regnum Animale is a Swedish extreme metal duo. Born in the soil of Swedish d-beat and crust. The songs circles around topics like freedom, and being trapped and unfree, alienation towards civilization and the state of human society today. The split is free to download from our bandcamp." This is clearly explained by their words. These two bands don't need introduction. Very active inside The Dark Skies Above Us Koll., they've finally released this work together. Great people that make great music. Enjoy. (only for connoisseurs)