Friday, November 9, 2018

Taake: nazi scum out from our cities - death to fascism!

Norwegian band Taake is touring Italy and will play in Rome on the 7th of November, the 8th in Bari, the 9th in Bologna and the 10th in Vercelli. They already played on the 19th of October in Milan.

This black metal band time after time became famous for many terrible actions¹: in Germany, in 2007, their singer Hoest (mastermind of the project) went on the stage with a svastika painted on his chest. Hoest answered to the scandal that followed saying that: "we are not nazis, it was a provocation" followed by "that subhuman" of the organizer "could make a blowjob to a muslim" since he interrupted the gig.
More recently Hoest went on the stage of various gigs with a shirt showing a sign of ban upon the islamic moon and star.

Orkan, a song from 2011², contains a message that tells to Mohamed and all the muslims to go to hell. In the same song they speak about christianity as a dishonour, something that would have weakened "our pagan people", following the genre cliché. This ridicolous super partes attitude get betrayed after a few seconds, since Hoest says that the European people are a compact block of sleeping pagans that has to free itself of the christianity just to prepare a defence against invasion "for it smoulders in after wartimes" coming from another people, the oriental and muslim people. The West has to "sharp again the axes" because the winter sun rises from the West for the "pigs that burn our flag": "Iron against iron, Norway wake up soon".

That feeling when "non-nazis" wave the Norway flag while promoting the ethnic war.

Since when it rains, it pours, in 2015 the members of Young and in the Way, a band in tour with Taake, got accused by three people of sexual assault³ and got banned by various festivals. One of the victims wrote to Hoest asking him to reconsider their collaboration with the rapists during the tour⁴. His answer was: "We don't care, keep this drama off the internet". YaitW disbanded shortly after since they cannot manage the scandal.

Behind the Italian tour, other than Nighttime Production, we have a local label: Nihil Production, always on the first line organizing NSBM events. It promoted different editions of the "Black winter fest" (that will be in Parma again on the 1st of December) as well as the "Hammer of the Gods", a festival that hosted various clearly fascist or greyzone bands, like Graveland, Nokturnal Mortum, Satanic Warmaster and Ad Hominem.

We, black metal listeners, want the gigs and the places of our city to not welcome the racist, sexist and fascist scum. We want, on the contrary, this scum to not be able to find spaces and the musical scene to be welcoming to any ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation.
Places like Traffic in Rome, Alchemica in Bologna, Demodé in Bari and Officine Sonore in Vercelli, have to take on their responsibility to know which kind of bands and people are hosting.
In the same way the supporting bands like Enisum, Selvans, Dewfall and Kyterion won't be able to difend themselves under the flag of the "music is just music" slogan. If you play with mysoginist, racist and nazis people, you are collaborating with them.

In 2018 a mobilitation in North America led to a cancellation of the whole Taake U.S.A. tour⁵, showing that it's possible to move against the nazis that are pesting the scene and to win against them.

Take TAAKE out of our cities
Death to fascism!


Sunday, October 7, 2018

Operation Volkstod - No Gods, No Masters (2018)

Year: 2018
Country: Germany
Genre: Black metal

1. Trummer I
2. No Gods, No Masters
3. Trummer II
4. Utopia

Echoes of norwegian black metal, songs that gives no time to the audiencer to assimilate what it is happening. It is happening that black metal is still in the hands of fascists, machists, sexist and stupid kvlty people. It's time to take a position and fully support noise like Operation Volkstod. Enjoy 

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

AMBROTOS - "ἄμβροτος" (2018)

AMBROTOS - "ἄμβροτος"

Year: 2018
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Greece

Track List:
  1. Dimensional Rivers
  2. άμβροτος
Bandcamp | Facebook
Ambrotos is Black Metal band from Greece. Their lyrics are exploring pre-Socratic philosophies and messages.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Toadeater - "Demo" (2018)


Year: 2018
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Germany

Track List:
  1. Parasite
  2. Heir to the throne
  3. Lathe

Toadeater is a three piece blackened crust / RABM band from Osnabrück, Germany, started in 2018. They strongly support the international DIY network. 


Okaat - "Okaat" (2018)

OKAAT - "Okaat"

Year: 2018
Genre: Black Metal
Country: UK

Track List:
  1. Our hope of evolution
  2. Parasite host
  3. Earnest endeavour
  4. Voluntary dysphagia

A one-man project from the UK.“The duty of the individual is to accept no rule, to be the initiator of his own acts, to be responsible. Only if he does so will the society live, and change, and adapt, and survive. We are not subjects of a State founded upon law, but members of a society formed upon revolution. Revolution is our obligation: our hope of evolution.” With this quote from Ursula K. Le Guin begins this EP with a consistent message in it's lyrics. 


Tiffo - "Lutar | Resistir" (2018)

TIFFO - "Lutar|Resistir"

Year: 2018
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Brazil

Track List:
  1. Lutar
  2. Resistir
Bandcamp | Facebook 

Formed in late April 2017 Tiffo is an old dream of a single member who mixes black metal, crust and folk. The lyrics have an anarchist character, pro LGBTQ, internationalism, anti racism, freedom to live, daily pessimism and freedom to be. 


Pierre Noir - "Welcome to the black rave" (2018)

PIERRE NOIR - "Welcome to the black rave"

Year: 2018
Genre: Techno/Black Metal
Country: Spain 

Track List:
  1. welcome to the black rave.
  2. Lilith's arrival and the beginning of the dance.
  3. Restless and wild 

I've been absent from here for a lot of time and I'm really sorry for that and for all the bands that send me their music. I feel really bad for that but i promise I will be posting all of them asap.

Having said that, Pierre noir is an anonymous project that mixes black metal and techno. The sabbat and the rave come together to create a unique celebration. 
This band is able to mix two genres that seem distant from each other in a very interesting way.

long live anarchy

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Tenue - Anabasis

Year: 2018
Country: Spain
Genre: Emoviolence at its finest


Emoviolence at its finest. Pure screamy neocrust. Today it's hard to find something like this. Similar bands can be listed on an hand.
Preorder it at:
Dingleberry records and distribution, Germany
Ojalä Me Muera Records, Catalunya
Theia Records, Oviedo - Bilbao - Madrid
CGTH Records, Ferrol
Muerte A Tipo, Logroño
Tirano Intergaláctico, Toledo
Mërda Distro, A Guarda
La SOJA, Málaga
El Fary Es Dios, Vigo
Seitan Hell Bïke Punx, Salamanca
La Fosa Nostra, Namek Vigo

Get now this 3 rural punx

«Considerei que o máis sagrado de todos os meus deberes era rebelarme contra toda opresión, independentemente do autor ou da vítima» - M. Bakunin

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Forward To Eden - A Human Artefact

Genre: Death Metal / Hardcore /SxE Metal
Country of origin: Germany
Year: 2018


Forward To Eden was started in 2014 as a solo music-project and a vehicle for the message of veganism/animal- and earth liberation. The name is based on an old hardline zine, which basically holds and explains the manifest. I am aware of the controversy around this topic, but deliberately choose the name to provoke and incite. In the first incarnation Rat (Statement, Unborn, etc.) joined them on drums and they recorded a short promo, which although never was properly released (until the first compilation tape/cd in late 2016). In the second incarnation "The Vegan Warrior" (who choose to stay anonymous) joined them on drums and Tom O'Brien (Unborn, Noyade, etc.) on Bass. Under this line-up they released a demo cd, a split 7" w/ Content With Dying (ex-Fourth Crusade) and an EP (all from one recording session in early 2015).
The lyrical main-concern was/is about the fight for liberation and the life in this carnistic society. Besides the protruding diy-work (ethics they always held high) and the obvious 90's influence, a bunch of (partly subtle) anime allusions and movie snippets were/still are distinctive for FTE.
The upcoming debut full-length now is a full solo-work and combines everything they learned during these last 4 years of the bands existence. Even though it being a solo-project they are going to give some exclusive release-shows in different parts of europe (with lots of spoken word) to represent/distribute the record as much as possible. Also it being co-released with Catalyst Records from the US and having a CD version by Mark My Words (UK) as well as Tape versions by Diorama (Indonesia) and HEAL (USA) is a pretty big thing to them which they are very grateful for - and they , still believe that music can make a difference. The LP is entitled "A Human Artefact", which correlates with the cover artwork, a photo by Chris Jordan from his Albatross/Midway series... this is their manifesto (coming with the album) Since humans developed the skills to alter nature, they started to create what the follow-up generations would refer to as "artefacts". A cultural artefact is always something typical and defining for a certain era; something that reflects the spirit of that age. Most of these artefacts occur naturally and unintentionally, they are not primarily made to give information or serve a particular purpose for the posterity; but nevertheless they do. As they understand it, it is a sacred duty to conscientiously deal with the subject of the artefact of our generation and the artefact of humanity as a whole; will it be another object of exorbitant splendour, manufactured by any means, despite any consequences to others with the aim to simply line the pocket of some so-called "elite" individual? Will it be an outstanding piece of craftsmanship; designed to kill in an unprecedented manner, to ensure the survival of a nation or to inflict fear into the hearts of their enemies? When they look at our generation and search for "things that will last" and give an indication about the way of life which surrounds us, they cannot avoid seeing the facts of what the current populace are susceptible to and what those who claim to be in command are responsible for: that every year we discard of around 8,000,000 metric tons of plastic into the oceans - which adds to the 150,000,000 metric tons already impacting upon the survival of marine life, which in turn impacts on the survival of all life on this planet - we are urged to consume and give away our hard earned money to buy obsolete electronic scrap which is already outdated before all the stock has been sold; to make way for new models - so we have to keep purchasing in order to keep up with "progress", landfills are bursting at the seams, as more and more waste is created than designated landfills could possibly contain, leading them to be prone to producing more air pollution and environmental destruction. We have to ask ourselves: What do we want the story which we will tell to future generations to sound like? What do we want to communicate and pass on to the next generation? And, if the days of humanity are already numbered, what do we want the human artefact to be? They do not want to further contribute to a Zeitgeist of war and blight of all that is natural, at the hands of anthropocentric maniacal rulers, who do not speak or act for you or I. They want to instigate a culture of alteration, opting to deliberately become ostracised from the current repulsive miscarriage of justice of the natural law, which surrounds every fibre of our being, from every available angle. To restore the human nature, free from indoctrinated lies and egocentric, self-destructive mindsets, we have to accept our atrocities, change our direction and proceed forward to eden.

Favourite song: To Follow Blind

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Tarpan - "Бездна" (2018)

Country: Russia
Genre: Death Metal Crust
Year: 2018

I can ear a lot of Obituary mixed with crust punk. I really appreciated it, instead of I don't like death metal.


"Our texts have anti-militarist appeals, each text has its own meaning and appeal."

Write your own reviews in the comment.

Bâtard EPs - Chaos (2011) Hibernation (2013) Pluies (2017)

Genre: D-beat dark madness
Country of origin: Canada
Year: 2011/ 2013/ 2017

Noisy d-beat black metal from Québec.
"Formed in 2009 in Montreal, Canada, Bâtard is a trio that makes a hybrid of black metal, punk and noisy industrial. Inspired by isolation, anger and hatred, Bâtard takes their rock and electronic roots to make an illegitimate sonic mix of guttural screams, cold guitars and noisy synth beats. Chaos & Hibernation (2014), a combination of the first two EPs, was released on CD by Russian independant label Kunsthauch. In 2018, american tape-only Witchcult records released the Pluies EP. Disgusted by the music business and rock'n'roll lifestyle, the three members are entirely dedicated in creating new music; therefore, Bâtard never tour. They are right now recording new tracks, particularly written in a hardcore punk vein. Bâtard embraced the impurity of its sound, celebrating disorder and imperfection."
"Hibernation" is totally pure grimy black metal, "Pluies", my favourite, is more lofi than the others.


*special mention to "Nomade" from "Chaos": unique experience.


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Regnvm Animale - "Brinna" / Norn - "Brenna" Split (2018)

Regnvm Animale - "Brinna" / Norn - "Brenna" Split

Year 2018
Genre Crust Black Metal
Country Sweden / Iceland

"This split release brings together Sweden's Regnvm Animale and Iceland's Norn for a joint release of furious blackend crust. 5 songs each of raw fury and disappointment with two distinct approaches to and takes on the extreme metal genre. About us, Regnum Animale is a Swedish extreme metal duo. Born in the soil of Swedish d-beat and crust. The songs circles around topics like freedom, and being trapped and unfree, alienation towards civilization and the state of human society today. The split is free to download from our bandcamp." This is clearly explained by their words. These two bands don't need introduction. Very active inside The Dark Skies Above Us Koll., they've finally released this work together. Great people that make great music. Enjoy. (only for connoisseurs)


Monday, January 15, 2018

Para establecer un río - "Los mapas del fuego" (2017)

PARA ESTABLECER UN RIO - "Los mapas del fuego"

Genre: Post-Rock
Country: Argentina


        1. 66;3;9
        2. 40;5;44
        3. 23;58;7
        4. 30;6;3 (30;5;4)
        5. 45;10;9

Facebook // Bandcamp

"Los mapas del fuego" (The maps of fire) is the second release from this amazing three-piece band located in La Plata, Argentina.

They are part of Comunidad del fuego, an independent small label releasing albums with beautiful hand-crafted artwork, poetry books and fanzines. Also, most of them play in different side-projects, such as Emya, Blien Vesne and Los mares en las manos, bands that range from ambient music to post-hardcore/screamo.

The album moves freely in post-rock territory, from calm and clean parts to dramatic crescendos leading into noisy climaxes. Their addition of sparse acoustic guitars, piano, horn and electronics gives the band a distinct feel and sets them apart from others in the genre. Although this isn't a political band, they're strongly involved with their local scene, thus fitting with the philosophy of the blog.