Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Repressione - "Col Sangue Agli Occhi" (2017)

REPRESIONE "Col sangue agli occhi"

Year: 2017
Genre: Hardcore
Country: Italy
Track List:
  1. Guerra alla città
  2. Huye hombre
  3. Cieli di piombo
  4. The game (INFEST)
  5. I giorni dell'ira
  6. Col sangue agli occhi
  7. Colpo su colpo
  8. Macho free zone
  9. About to crack (VITAMIN X)
  10. Happy time (xLIEx)
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Repressione are very good friends of this blog and a very supportive band with the movement. They are from Bolognia, Italy openly Anti-Fascist. 

Amethyst Falls - "Amethyst Falls" (2017)

AMETHYST FALLS "Amethyst Falls"

Year: 2017
Genre: Black Metal/Shoegaze
Country: USA
Track List:
  1. Awaning
  2. Through halogen eyes
  3. At the edge of the world our shadows singhing
  4. Hintergerdanke
  5. Painted Hands

Our friends from Orb Weaver Collective (who define themselves as "wild-seeking artist on the western coast of the United States, unified, living together at the edge of civilization, bout to their craft as musicians, painters, poets and performers") send us the newest ralease by Amethyst Falls (an amazing band from Oakland, USA that plays a mix between Black Metal, Dark Wave and Shoegaze).

Smuteční slavnost - "Zahrada krkavců" (2017)

Smuteční slavnost -  "Zahrada krkavců"

Year: 2017
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Czech Republic
Track List:
  1. Moc sžírá vědomí
  2. Zákonitost střídá chtíč
  3. Když procházíme světem
  4. Jistota na konci řady
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"Strictly unorthodox black metal" tag-line was meant as a joke. But we mean it. We are not interested in taking any part in your orthodox, evil, role-playing. We use black metal as a tool, not as an idol."
Smuteční slavnost is back on the road. This is their newest release with very strong lyrics and a very 'solid' sound.

Also, you can take a look into their past releases we have supported here. And stream and download this one in bandcamp.