Thursday, March 27, 2014

Blackend Horizon - "Schritte" (2014)


Year: 2014
Genre: DSBM, Depressive Rock/Shoegaze
Country: Germany

Track List:
  1. Schritte |1| Einleitung
  2. Schritte |2| Hauptteil
  3. Schritte |3| Schluss
  4. .Leer.

"All 4 tracks are taken from the upcoming full-length "Hivernale... und der Rest ist nur Schatten."
A tape release is planned and in progress.
It comes in an edition of 30, will be packed in selfmade wooden boxes and should be available soon.
If you are interested get in contact:
blackendhorizonofficial (@) gmx.de"

Judging from these release notes, it's going to be the last demo before the release of a full-length album. All 4 tracks are available for streaming on bandcamp. If you liked Thränenkind's newest album "The Elk", check out this. I personally don't like Thränenkind, even though I respect their anti-NSBM stance, and I have nothing agaist mixing DSBM with post-rock and shoegaze. But I think a lot of my readers do like them, and probably would like the upcoming album from Blackend Horizon too.

Taramis - "Áillen: The Burner" (2013)

TARAMIS "Áillen: The Burner"

Year: 2013
Genre: Dark Ambient, Dungeon Synth 
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Eve of Samhain / Áillen's Awakening / Lull of Slumber
  2. Dragon's Breath / Tara's Destruction
  3. Fionn: Slayer of Áillen

Dungeon synth from Longview, TX, inspired by Celtic mythology. This album was sent to me with almost no additional info. Here's the only biography of Taramis I could find:

"The ambient project Taramis was evoked in the winter of 2009 as a means to express my spirit for black metal. Up until the birth of Taramis I thought society could control me and that I could never accomplish anything. After all, I was born with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. By the time I was ten and one I was confined to a wheel chair and I have been in one ever since. Music has inspired me to live, to defy the forces that have limited my life on this planet. So I bring to you the first chapter of my creation..."

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sun Still Rises - s/t (2014)

SUN STILL RISES "Sun Still Rises"

Year: 2014
Genre: Harsh Noise, Power Electronics
Country: Poland

Track List:
  1. The Path From Spark To Flame
  2. The Epilogue Has Yet To Be Written
bandcamp / facebook

Sun Still Rises is a noise project from Poland started by Oskar, who's apparently an avid reader of my blog. I think he'll be happy to see his first release to be featured on here:

"Sun Still Rises is harsh noise/power electronics solo project from Poland. The main inspiration is the activity of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire. This is the first record. It has been releases by Diy Label "Wolne Tory""

Uaithne (ex-ITSOT) - "Approaching Light" (2014)

UAITHNE "Approaching Light"

Year: 2014
Genre: Acoustic Folk
Country: USA

Uaithne, formerly In The Sea Of Trees:

"...It continues where itsot left off as far as instrumental green anarchy inspired folk but with more traditional folk feel. In Celtic mythology, Uaithne is the Dagda's harp which is said to control the seasons and direct the battlefield. My concept for this project is expressing the conflict between nature and civilization. My release, Approaching Light, is comprised of 4 sections each representing a season, starting with autumn. Like itsot, Uaithne is a solo DIY project out of the U.S."

Saturday, March 22, 2014


I wanted to briefly introduce myself as I've been guest blogging here for a little while now.  I think I'm up to 14 band posts since I started last summer.  I'm a green anarchist currently living in the United States, but originally from Canada.  I try to help BK out by posting about music I receive in my email.  I especially look for blackened subgenres (blackened crust, blackened grind, etc) or Cascadian or other green focused black metal.

Hayduke X

Ahna & Cetascean - Imperial Decline Split (2014)


Year:  2014
Genre:  Crust/Death & Anarchist Crust
Country:  Canada (unceded Coast Salish Territory) & Canada

Track list:

Ahna Side
  1. War Games
  2. Massacre
  3. Death Sentence
Cetascean Side
  1. Blockades
  2. Simian
  3. Mouth of Teeth
  4. Early Burial
Imperial Decline is a split by two of my favorite crust bands.  Both are from Canada, with Ahna coming from the west coast and Cetascean hailing from Winnipeg (central Canada).  While neither really have much in the way of Black Metal influence, their politics make for a good fit here I think.  The Ahna side has more in the way of Death metal influence, and is a little slower.  The Cetascean side is a little more aggressive.  As Cetascean releases under a Creative Commons license, they are a band I have often played on my radio show (rageandfrustration.blogspot.com).  I'm hoping to get a download link in place for the whole split, but for now, you can download in a Pay-What-You-Want format from each bands Bandcamp page.

Ahna Bandcamp / Cetascean Bandcamp

Anti-Freeze - Aftermath LP (2014)


Year: 2014
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Canada

Track List:
  1. The Kingdom
  2. Exodus
  3. Deceit
  4. Forgotten Names
  5. Abyssal Conjugations
  6. Terra
  7. Internal Filth (Fuck You)
Anti-Freeze is a one-man Black Metal project from London, Canada.  It features solid mid-tempo Black Metal and the creator is explicitly anti-NSBM.  I've been enjoying it and think its worth the download.  A track from the Winter Tape Demo (also found on his Bandcamp) will be featured on an anti-NSBM compilation being put together with Chase from Deafest (a band I posted here last summer).  I'm hoping to get a download link and will post if I do, but in the meantime, you can download from Bandcamp in a Pay-What-You-Want format.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ancst & Smuteční Slavnost - split (2014)


Year: 2014
Genre: Black Metal, Crust
Country: Germany / Czech Republic

Track List:

  1. Herzberge
  2. Condition Humana
  3. Shallow
Smuteční slavnost
  1. Jak se rozloučím?
  2. Outro

"3 old songs from Ancst's second unreleased demo.  
1 song from czech neo black metal outfit Smuteční slavnost. 
released as CD/cassette by yehonala tapes & skull witch records.

 limited to 100 copies in a hand screen printed black cardboard sleeve. features a gray/silver 2 colour eco print and comes with an extra lyric sheet. black pro-tapes with laser printed labels. 

Compact Disc (CD):
thermo heat printed limited pro-cdr packed in hand screen printed black cardboard sleeve.
eco 2 colour gray/silver print on both sides. limited to 50 copies only"

 Both bands on this split need no introduction to the regular readers of my blog. The split is very good and could easily be one of the best RABM releases of the 1st half of 2014.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Avvika - s/t (2014)

AVVIKA "Avvika"

Year: 2014
Genre: Epic Crust / Dark Hardcore
Country: Czech Republic

Track List:
  1. Fire
  2. Eternal Treblinka

Today's 8th of March, so it's about time to post something with female vocals. I'm receiving a lot of demos, but not many of this kind. This one, recorded by a collective of 5 friends (2M / 3F) from Praha (CZ), Děčín (CZ) and Stockholm (SWE), is going to fit in well. It isn't black metal, but this kind of epic crust is always welcome in my blog too. Reminds me of Exmisja and Fall of Efrafa, regarding both music and ideology.

(A) // (E)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Blasphemyth - "Blasphemous Hordes of Obliteration" (2013)

BLASPHEMYTH "Blasphemous Hordes of Obliteration"

Year: 2014
Genre: Blackened Death Metal
Country: Morocco

Track List:
  1. Melek-Oath
  2. Blasphemous Hordes of Obliteration

Satanic death metal from Marrakesh (Morocco). This is an EP consisting of a single title track and a short intro, recorded in Neuchatel (Switzerland):

"Blasphemyth is a Moroccan death metal band that was formed by Rachid Nefariouz Sadomator in 2009, after the split up of Cogito Ergo Sum. They produce their music in an independent Maison in Neuchatel (Switzerland), even though the band is currently located in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Blasphemyth music is notably the outcome of widely varied tempos, often swinging from fast primitive sounds to slow, down-tuned passages similar to those performed by death/doom bands like Autopsy.

Motivation to submit music to RABM Blog :
- support for leftist philoshophy ;
- anti religious domination & political totalitarianism (Fukk Nazi scum & NS ideology) ;
- no boss, no master … only the self shall prevail ! give people freedom, equilibrium will come from it"


There are much more demos submitted to my blog in the recent few weeks, but unfortunately I don't have much tome right now for listening to them. Stay tuned and be patient.