Sunday, April 7, 2013

Exilent - "Born To Struggle" + tour dates

"Exilent is a D-Beat// Crust// Hardcorepunkband from Hannover// Germany which was formed in 2009. After a few changes in the lineup we started playing shows in 2010 and released our five song demo-cd “D-Beat Overkill Hangover“ in January 2011. One year and many shows later we recorded our first album, the “Born to Struggle“ LP, which we released by ourselves and with the help of Antikörper-Export. In summer 2012, we toured in Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia.

In reviews and by listeners, the sound often was compared to bands like Fleas'n Lice or Detestation. As written by every member of the band, the lyrics are characterized by a great variety of themes and treat political as well as personal issues. They all have in common a socio-critical attitude.

Due to dramatic events in 2012, several changes of members took place. Lonski is now playing Bass instead of Paul, who died last summer and had supported Exilent since the beginning. Also the male and female vocals on the LP now have been reduced to the latter one.

After a necessary break and with a new set,

Exilent (now) are: Ini Vocals

Nico Guitar, Backing-vocals

Lisa Guitar, Backing-vocals

Lonski Bass, Backing-vocals

Trecker, Drums"

Upcoming shows in 2013 (as at March 12th):

Fr April 26th Germany/ Flensburg @ Senffabrik with Eskatologia/Slöa Knivar/Panzerband
Sa April 27th Germany/ Bremen @ G-18 with t.b.a.
Su April 28th Germany/ Lübeck @ VeB with Fredag den 13:e
Fr May 10th Germany/ Köln @ Wem gehört die Welt with t.b.a.
Sa May 11th Germany/ Giessen @ AK44 with t.b.a.
Sa July 6th Netherlands/ Nijmegen @ D.I.Y. Fest #6 with Restarts + t.b.a.
Fr/ Sa Aug. 2nd/ 3rd Germany/ Hamburg @ Rondenbarg Open Air with t.b.a.
Fr Aug. 30th Germany/ Magdeburg @ L.I.Z. with Teenagefrust
Sa Aug. 31th Germany/ Berlin @ Kastanienkeller with Teenagefrust
Su Sept. 01st Poland/ Gorzow @ CKN Centrala with t.b.a.
Mo Sept. 2nd Poland/ Poznan @ t.b.a.
Tu Sept. 3rd Poland/ Krakow @ Kawiarnia Naukowa with t.b.a.
We Sept. 4th Czech Republic/ Ostrava @ t.b.a. (not confirmed yet)
Th Sept. 5th Slovakia/ Bratislava @ Fuga with t.b.a.
Fr Sept. 6th Hungary/ Budapest @ t.b.a.
Sa Sept. 7th Austria/ Vienna @ EKH with t.b.a.
Mo Sept. 9th Czech Republic/ Brno @ t.b.a.(not confirmed yet)
Tu Sept. 10th Czech Republic/ Praha @ t.b.a.
We Sept. 11th Germany/ Leipzig @ t.b.a. (not confirmed yet)
We Oct. 2nd Germany/ Hannover @ Indiego Glocksee -Unhappy Kraut Day with t.b.a.

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