Tuesday, August 21, 2012

25 August 2012: Karelian Plague Fest

Despite all the political shit that's currently going on, Russian underground scene is still alive and well, and a big Petrozavodsk-based festival "Karelian Plague" is announced for this weekend. There are several Old Roots New Shoots bands in the lineup (including Axidance, Led By Fear and The Last Three Winters), along with several other projects that's worth seeing live: Life Is Your Death (dark hardcore, PTZ), Voodoo Puppets (horror punk, PTZ), Warta (neocrust, SPb), Nimrud (melancholic post-metal, Moscow), Omega SuperStars (satanic hardcore, PTZ), Minaret (excellent blackened powerviolence/screamo from Moscow, highly recommended to check out!), and many others.

event page on last.fm

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  1. You're usually spot on with your recommendations, but I was not too impressed with Minaret. Would not call them blackened powerviolence either!