Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Seeds In Barren Fields - "Sounding the Siren Song in Vain" (2011)

SEEDS IN BARREN FIELDS "Sounding the Siren Song in Vain"

Year: 2011
Genre: Black/Death Metal
Country: Sweden

Track List:
  1. Sounding the Siren Song in Vain
  2. To Feel
  3. Tomorrow Black Birds Fly
  4. Pastures of Plenty
  5. Destroy the Machines
  6. Leviathan
  7. I Natten den Kalla och Klara
A first full-length album by SIBF, a black&green metal band from Göteborg, which was released several months ago on Lundr Records. Musically there's a mix of melodic death and black metal (which is quite typical for the Gothenburg metal scene), except for the last track. Comparing with their first demo, this album is much more "metallic" and less "crusty". They're also about to release a split LP w/ Marnost on 12th of December (Marnost's side is already available as a preview). 

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  1. cool man, thanks for posting this band, I was hoping ot listen to them soon, I juts forgot about them, they have a cool sound.
    Looking forward to listen it.