Sunday, October 23, 2011

Agonia - "No Respiraremos El Aire Muerto" (2010)

AGONIA "No Respiraremos El Aire Muerto"

Year: 2010
Genre: Blackened Neocrust
Country: Mexico

Track List:
  1. Intro
  2. Dragon Negro
  3. Batalla Perdida en el Subsuelo
  4. Ausencia
  5. Intermedia
  6. Llamada Brutal
  7. La Memoria no se Borra
  8. Satanico Trampa
  9. Hijos del Trueno

A question that has been asked several times: "Are there any Mexican RABM bands?" Well, looks like there's no RABM in Mexico yet, but there's at least one blackened crust band whose members are aware of the RABM movement. Agonia define themselves as a "mexican black metal punk crust band with indigenous pagan anarchist ideals", and while their music is mostly neocrust with little BM influences, several tracks on this album (especially "Hijos Del Trueno") sound much more like black metal than punk. The quality of production is far from perfect, but it isn't a big flaw...


  1. Looks good. I'll definitely download this. Even though they are based in the US now, are Yaotl Mictlan not 'Mexican RABM'? I might be wrong but I think Ahpuch Oztoc are on our side too. Both are kick-ass bands anyway ;)

  2. Well, I already heard about Yaotl Mictlan too, but they were mentioned in the context of "national anarchism", so I'm not sure if they're really on our side... I'll try to ask the Mexicans in our facebook group.

  3. As I understood it, they are 'national' in the sense of supporting a 'national liberation' movement for indigenous Americans, although the EZLN ideology is not 'nationalist' in a statist sense but autonomist. They are also far more Leftist than the crypto-fascist 'national anarchists' in Europe, I think. I'm might be wrong and I'm certainly not an expert on the subject.