Monday, January 10, 2011

Legado De Odio - "Legado De Odio" (2010)

LEGADO DE ODIO "Legado De Odio"

Year: 2010
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Country: Chile

Track List:
  1. Intro
  2. The hate remains in me 
  3. Nuestra respuesta permanece 
  4. Revelación
  5. Inmunda Raza Humana 
  6. Pray!
  7. La Sagrada Mentira (Instrumental)
  8. Disfrazando Las Palabras De Tu Fe 
  9. Contemplando la catástrofe 
  10. Escupiremos en tus cenizas 
  11. Summertime (Negate cover)
Brays: bass, voice
Cristián: guitar 
Diego: guitar
Panda: clean voice, screaming 
Shester: drums


A new anarcho-death metal project from Chile, which I already mentioned in my blog, finally released a debut album! I received it directly from the band's vocalist, but right now I can't reply him, because I lost his e-mail address, and our forum went down along with the whole Anyway, I hope he'll read this post. And as for the forum, right now I'm thinking about moving it to a paid host.

Though the sound of Legado De Odio isn't very original (it's blackened death metal in the vein of In Flames and simular bands), it isn't bad at all for a first release, and the message in their lyrics is openly anarchist and anti-religious. As it was stated in the release notes, the album is completely free for distribution (fuck copyright!).



  1. my e-mail is

    I just noticed the rabm forum went down, so I can't send you any response from there... this might be the only way ( I hope you can read this...) and you e-mail is having replies of an unexisted mail. let us know about the future of the forum, anyway it was getting bombed by spammers though.

    cheers mate! Panda (just a tip, I do the clean vocals and screams, if you can fix that info it would be cool :p)

  2. Is there any way I could get in contact with you? I was wondering if you could feature my blogspot on your website. It's which my main focus being crust. If you could get back to me here or at that would be great. Thanks! In crust we trust.

  3. Oh yeah the name of my blog is called No Gods, No Masters. I really love this blog and think it's a great addition to mine vice versa. DIY for life man.

  4. I'm a real big fan of DIY ethics and everything so I think I would make a great addition to your blog and you would do the same for mine!