Monday, November 22, 2010

Corubo - "Ãngy Mbya Kueíry Hachypáma, Opa Mba'e Achy Avei" (2009)

CORUBO "Ãngy Mbya Kueíry Hachypáma, Opa Mba'e Achy Avei"

Year: 2009
Genre: Black Metal, Native American Folk Metal
Country: Brazil

Track List:
  1. Oheja Ñandéve, Ñanderekópeguarã, Mba'e Ivaíva
  2. Ãngy Mbya Kueíry Hachypáma, Opa Mba'e Achy Avei
  3. Esperança Obscura
  4. Sapy'ánte Pyharevove
  5. Ñorairô Rekorekávo
  6. As Coisas Recomeçam Por Seu Fim
  7. Mombyryeterei Che Rendarãgui
  8. Yma Guaré Ñe'ê

"INDIGENOUS BLACK METAL, an idea that began between 1999 and 2000, it's not a Viking metal, not Nordic, not Satanic, not Nazi (anti), not NS (anti), but something with own origin and culture, something new and personal. The indigenous culture is almost extinct, many people see the indigenous peoples as something negative, or see with proud the real people from the country, the same country as almost exterminated them. But many people resist, as Corubo. The fact of living in an self environment, without laws, freedom, alone, in cooperation and respect, while in action against anything that destroys this ideal, brings us identification. We don't have nothing against cultures of other regions, but many, as the European culture that is highly exploited, its people are giving up their freedom by name or honor of a king, of a flag, of a law, of a race (even though exist only one: the human).

This is a self-description of Corubo, a band from Brazil who sings in Guarani (if I correctly identified the language). Yes, not only Aztra are playing left-leaning indigenous metal! Corubo's sound is really original and innovative, I haven't heard anything like that before. By the way... it's only me, or the middle part of 2nd track on this album is really simular to "The Sacred War"?

I found this band due to Critical Rupture blog. It was made by an Australian who's interested in all kinds of environmentalist, eco-anarchist and nature-inspired black metal. You can find a lot more of indigenous metal on his blog, and I'd agree with him that the message of Corubo is obviously anti-colonial, ecological, and anarchistic.


  1. This album is blowing me away. Really killer stuff.

  2. I can't back this album hard enough. This shit is fucking killer.