Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Book Of Sand - "How Beautiful To Walk Free" (2010)

BOOK OF SAND "How Beautiful To Walk Free"

Year: 2010
Genre: RABM
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Destruction, Not Reformation
  2. No Flags
  3. The Night And Day Will Pass Away
  4. Hidegen Fújnak A Szelek
  5. I Heard You'll Be Gone A Long Time
  6. Crawling Through Sand, Crawling Through Earth
  7. When We Are Gone, The World Will Be Awash With Light

Book of Sand - an anarchist, anarcha-feminist, vegan, anti-nationalist, anti-racist, pro-VHEMT black metal project from Minneapolis, US (yes, Wolvhammer are from Minneapolis too). Need I say more? That's enough posts for today. From now, I'll post mostly RABM or deeply blackened crust releases, beause that's what my blog is primarily about. Stay tuned!



  1. Look at this band -

    It is czech vegan crimething anarchist metal band.

  2. hey Tisíc let od ráje habe got demo and it is more closer to black metal than on their LPs. ->

    Tisíc let od ráje - Trees (1996)

    01 - The stand
    02 - Udoli stinu
    03 - Pryc!
    04 - Odvracena strana
    05 - Sklenene tvare
    06 - Navrat
    07 - Mildis (bonus)

    And they have agot album Waves ->
    Waves (2008)
    1. Nightmare 06:09
    2. The storm 04:53
    3. Roses and Temptation 04:58
    4. Guilt 04:54
    5. L:O:T 05:17
    6. Moravian karst 04:06
    7. Clouds and Roses 04:48
    8. Sea fever 04:52
    9. Waves 06:26
    10. Zmijí šíp (bonus) 03:56

  3. Eminent Scum

  4. Slaughter 2017 - all discography

  5. Heres S by Crucified Bastard.
    Hey i just checked Book of Sands myspace. They have some nazis at their friends, bands and people but fuck those boneheads. As long as Book of Sands say theyre anarchists its ok.
    Cheers, (A)//(E)

  6. S., I haven't noticed on their friendlist any people or bands that are openly nazi (but maybe I don't know them well). Book of Sand is an anti-nazi project for sure.

  7. Miro, yes, I already have the latest album by TLOR, and I'll post it right now. And thank you for that demo, I'll listen to it later. As for Slaughter 2017, their new album just appeared on, and it sounds too much nu-metal/rapcore to me :(

  8. Charles D. Ward: yes, i like good political/conscious hip-hop, but I haven't heard anything by Keny Arkana yet. Thank you for that recommendation. Maybe I'll also post some tracks by my favourite political hip-hip project, Moscow Death Brigade ^_^

  9. hi

    i am not aware of being friends with any nazi bands/individuals on myspace. i have it set to automatically allow people to add me as a friend, and i don't really check who's added me. so, it's possible. if you point out to me the nazis, i will of course remove them from my friend list.

    book of sand

  10. curious why you mention of the members is an internet acquaintance of mine. he's mentioned a couple of times that people think they're a nazi band. i'm assuming that's why you brought it up...i do know they're not, though. although in all honesty, titles like "dawn of the fourth" are ambiguous enough that if one person says "oh, they're a nazi band" they don't necessarily make it easy for themselves to live down that reputation.

  11. I mentioned them just because they're from Minneapolis too. Yes, I heard someone has mistaken their logo for the nazi (Hammerskins) emblem, but there's nothing really nazi about them.