Friday, November 9, 2018

Taake: nazi scum out from our cities - death to fascism!

Norwegian band Taake is touring Italy and will play in Rome on the 7th of November, the 8th in Bari, the 9th in Bologna and the 10th in Vercelli. They already played on the 19th of October in Milan.

This black metal band time after time became famous for many terrible actions¹: in Germany, in 2007, their singer Hoest (mastermind of the project) went on the stage with a svastika painted on his chest. Hoest answered to the scandal that followed saying that: "we are not nazis, it was a provocation" followed by "that subhuman" of the organizer "could make a blowjob to a muslim" since he interrupted the gig.
More recently Hoest went on the stage of various gigs with a shirt showing a sign of ban upon the islamic moon and star.

Orkan, a song from 2011², contains a message that tells to Mohamed and all the muslims to go to hell. In the same song they speak about christianity as a dishonour, something that would have weakened "our pagan people", following the genre cliché. This ridicolous super partes attitude get betrayed after a few seconds, since Hoest says that the European people are a compact block of sleeping pagans that has to free itself of the christianity just to prepare a defence against invasion "for it smoulders in after wartimes" coming from another people, the oriental and muslim people. The West has to "sharp again the axes" because the winter sun rises from the West for the "pigs that burn our flag": "Iron against iron, Norway wake up soon".

That feeling when "non-nazis" wave the Norway flag while promoting the ethnic war.

Since when it rains, it pours, in 2015 the members of Young and in the Way, a band in tour with Taake, got accused by three people of sexual assault³ and got banned by various festivals. One of the victims wrote to Hoest asking him to reconsider their collaboration with the rapists during the tour⁴. His answer was: "We don't care, keep this drama off the internet". YaitW disbanded shortly after since they cannot manage the scandal.

Behind the Italian tour, other than Nighttime Production, we have a local label: Nihil Production, always on the first line organizing NSBM events. It promoted different editions of the "Black winter fest" (that will be in Parma again on the 1st of December) as well as the "Hammer of the Gods", a festival that hosted various clearly fascist or greyzone bands, like Graveland, Nokturnal Mortum, Satanic Warmaster and Ad Hominem.

We, black metal listeners, want the gigs and the places of our city to not welcome the racist, sexist and fascist scum. We want, on the contrary, this scum to not be able to find spaces and the musical scene to be welcoming to any ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation.
Places like Traffic in Rome, Alchemica in Bologna, Demodé in Bari and Officine Sonore in Vercelli, have to take on their responsibility to know which kind of bands and people are hosting.
In the same way the supporting bands like Enisum, Selvans, Dewfall and Kyterion won't be able to difend themselves under the flag of the "music is just music" slogan. If you play with mysoginist, racist and nazis people, you are collaborating with them.

In 2018 a mobilitation in North America led to a cancellation of the whole Taake U.S.A. tour⁵, showing that it's possible to move against the nazis that are pesting the scene and to win against them.

Take TAAKE out of our cities
Death to fascism!

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[2] https://lyricstranslate.com/it/orkan-hurricane.html
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  1. You're not a "black metal listener", just a cuckold and shithead. BM is about hate, anti-religion and destruction and if you're about this - lick your ass and DIE!

  2. except for the fact that taake aren't nazis. ps, you're basically nsbm, just with a different idiology. that doesn't make you right, just annoying. the anti-fascist fascists.

  3. you people need to get out of our scene. go back to punk and stay away from the big boy music. fucking wimps. die posers!

  4. This is fucking hilarious
    Go listen to your napalm gay or whatever

  5. ahahahahah! ANTIFA MAGGOTS !

  6. taake isn't nazi band, dude. What are you on? The "nazi" emblem isn't even a nazi emblem to begin with. He used it only for shocking purposes, nothing serious. Stop spreading your ignorance.

    1. You know what's the funnies thing here? Many punk bands (not only sex pistols, but also a lot of japanese hardcore bands for example) has used swastikas for shocking the people around. So antifas has pissed again

  7. Black metal is supposed to be about hatred and elitism! Fucking cucks running their mouth. Now kindly FOAD!

  8. thanks for the article! Fascism is against diversity and freedom, and we are all diverse, so... fuck them! There is no neutrality, just as music is not only music. Antifascist action in its diversity of tactics is needed.

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  10. Fascism and misanthropy are two different things, although both are best explained under a system that brings out the worst in us. In the light of the available data, losing the faith in human nature is easy; but this very thing is one of the factors that perpetuate the system. If you're true and pure misanthropes I guess being coherent is to end up your lives right now. I would say: wait, redirect your hatred and some old bullshit... you will still be able to listen to BM and be dark, just find some more constructive ways. You are not fucking alone in this world and you're going to live once! Let's don't give up on each other!

  11. Who told you you need diversity? How come africa or china dont need diversity only Europe or America why is diversity viciously forced on these to continents and none others ?? Think about it

    1. don't you think that within cultures and groups there is diversity? Internal diversity exists. Think about it... If you don't want to recognise it, that's another thing :)

  12. Ahahahahaha political correctness in BM. Seriously, go back to hardcore, moron.

  13. #AntifaScum..you are not black metal listeners...XD

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  15. Guys, for fuck sakes, get your head out of your ass!
    Listen, I'm an anti-fascist myself and a militant far-leftist, but this black metal witchhunt has got to end. Hoest was a dumbass by wearing the Swastika and saying that bullshit, but he has mentioned being against nazism and racism lots of times. God fucking dammit! Truly fascist bands don't give a fuck at being labelled nazi - in fact, they support it, so Taake IS NOT a nazi band. I don't like them musically but Hoest doesn't deserve this.

    About the lyrics - FOR FUCKS SAKES! It's BLACK METAL we're talking about here, dudes! It was anti-religious since day one and it shall always be. Why is hating on Christianity okay but islamism not? What's the fucking difference? God dammit. Also, Taake has NEVER focused ONLY on being anti-Islam, they hate other religions equally and have expressed it in lots of their albums.

    If you want to make a difference, PLEASE stop ruining even more Antifa's name by shutting down anything deemed "nazi". It's childish, it sucks and it only shows apolitical people that "antifa is against free speech".

    Stop the witchhunt. Fight actual fascism that is growing on Europe.

    Sincerely, a Leftist.

  16. None of the bands listed are Nazi musically. If i make a Nazi song why does that make me Nazi, story is a story. Also since when is opposing religion been Nazi. You are same as all other mainstream witch hunts, like feminists and so on. Everyone has the right to perform their art and have their opinion whether you like it or not. If people want to be Nazis and sing about it they have the right to do so, if you dont like it ignore it.

    satanic Warmaster has some songs with Nazi imagery, he isnt Nazi or his music in general.

    Nokturnal Mortum mainly sing about their own land and culture and how to protect it from other cultures, nothing Nazi about that.

    Graveland, lead singer had some Nazi like views but bands music has got nothing to do with Nazis.

    Black Metal was always about expressing yourself no matter how extreme it was to like minded people.

    Its simple, if you dont like something and it bothers you, ignore it and enjoy things that you actually like instead of trying to ban everything that you find wrong. Maybe what you stand for is wrong. Globalization, race mixing, destruction of traditional European cultures.

    People will label anything Nazi these days, deluded just like mainstream you claim to despise. Its like to soccer moms deciding what to go and ban over a coffee cause it harms someone, grow some fucking balls and stop fighting the natural way of existence. fact is we are not all the same and we dont have to like everyone, its natural way of life.

    1. supports nazis=nazi too
      supports rapist=rapist as well
      looking the other way does make you a collaborator.
      And the growth of fascism, now, is cultural. And music is a part of someone's culture. So yeah, it's still fighting fascism.
      And this blog is called red and anarchist black metal... so maybe you need to ignore it, if you don't like it

    2. "supports rapist=rapist as well"
      Words have meaning. To be a rapist, you have to rape. This is like saying if you support a christian, you are a follower of christ. I could just as easily declare that everyone who has read this page is Antifa because they are "supporting" a leftist blog. One look at the comments section disproves that.

      People aren't cardboard cutouts. We have depth.

  17. Besides your views are just as facist as Nazi views are, just on the other side. On the other hand im neutral, im not scared of hearing anyone's believes and opinions, i dont get offended or upset about anything. To me getting ogffended or upset about some things is a choice. Modern shit society gets offended about most meaningless shit because its a trend, nothing more but another trend. Makes people think, if they join a group or something that they are important or doing something good. Dont even mention Antifa morons, just plain stupid, not to mention violent always attacking small venues of peaceful concert goers cause they cant handle that someone else has the right of an opinion even if its different to theirs. Plain idiocy simple as that.

  18. I pee on the authority of the so-called true leftists or true black metal listeners; in fact I pee on all the authority. "Correctness" is just a social construct, but which are the values that support that "correctness"? Long live to the anonymous anarchists!

  19. everything is interconnected, the freedom of all of us too. So we don't want to ignore those who attack our freedom because of our diverse nature. Being radical and in solidarity with others and the non-human world can be quite related to BM and to others music genres too, as BM is not the chosen one, because there is no chosen one. Chaos reigns!

  20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0Rj4mMMSYI

  21. i'm not impressed with bm fascists saying shit, because i've had to read it so much i just can't give a shit anymore about elitist assholes that spend their days in their basement cleaning their nazi-shithead records.
    But the so-called "leftists" saying it's a witchhunt? Honey, your inner fascist is showing. They are the ones that oppose the fact that some people EXIST, it's not a witchhunt, it's cleaning the fucking streets.
    And for the nazi assholes, don't worry, in a nazi society, you would be the first to go.

  22. Note: the Young and In The Way claims could not be more wrong. the drummer is gay for starters, they weren't banned from festivals they stepped down, no charges were pressed, festivals actually begged them to stay on. Black Metal Supremacy, Not White Supremacy.