Monday, January 15, 2018

Para establecer un río - "Los mapas del fuego" (2017)

PARA ESTABLECER UN RIO - "Los mapas del fuego"

Genre: Post-Rock
Country: Argentina


        1. 66;3;9
        2. 40;5;44
        3. 23;58;7
        4. 30;6;3 (30;5;4)
        5. 45;10;9

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"Los mapas del fuego" (The maps of fire) is the second release from this amazing three-piece band located in La Plata, Argentina.

They are part of Comunidad del fuego, an independent small label releasing albums with beautiful hand-crafted artwork, poetry books and fanzines. Also, most of them play in different side-projects, such as Emya, Blien Vesne and Los mares en las manos, bands that range from ambient music to post-hardcore/screamo.

The album moves freely in post-rock territory, from calm and clean parts to dramatic crescendos leading into noisy climaxes. Their addition of sparse acoustic guitars, piano, horn and electronics gives the band a distinct feel and sets them apart from others in the genre. Although this isn't a political band, they're strongly involved with their local scene, thus fitting with the philosophy of the blog.