Monday, May 29, 2017

Secreto público - "Demo" (2017)


Year: 2017
Genre: Punk
Country: México

Track List:
  1. La masacre del cuerpo (The massacre of the body)
  2. Hora de enfrentar (Time to face)
  3. Condenadxs (Condemned)
  4. Cara de culpable (Guilty face)
  5. Paranoia inducida (Induced paranoia)
  6. Premio al mejor actor (Best actor award)

"Secreto Público" is a punk band from Mexico City. Among the violent times that are surrounding this place, this band talks about feminist postures between all this constant struggle; they also talk about life in the city (polution, overpopulation...) 

This is their first demo and it's free in bandcamp.

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