Friday, April 1, 2016

1st of April reviews: demos that are hard to take seriously

Out of many demos I've received over the last few months, there are some that are weird enough, or just hilariously bad, to be featured on here - on the April 1st, at least. Let's start from Gotha, a communist BM / harsh noise project with one and only demo:

"This is the sole release from Gotha. Nothing more will ever be released or produced. Gotha has no members, no identity, no talent. Songs are cut up and distorted samples and sparse moments in time held together by the proletarian revolutionary spirit"

Next is Forssa 1903, an self-described "social democratic black metal" band from Finland. This link was sent to me by several different people, and interestingly enough, the music doesn't sound as bad as I initially expected. Here are some links for those who can read Finnish, and their manifesto translated to English:


Social democratic black metal (SDBM) may at first come off as a joke in the ears of weaklings and infidels. However, a closer insepction shows that the cultural and political background of a "black metal person" born after the World Wars to a Nordic environment downright requires for him to lean into ideological social democracy. Black metal, like any other subculture, is musically and ideologically split into several fractions. One of the few factors that unite the scene ideologically has commonly been anti-Christianity. The first wave mostly just flirted with Satanic imagery, but second wave Norwegians, who are also FORSSA 1903's closest influences, took opposing Christianity seriously. In this context it should be pointed out, however, that Satan also originates from Judeo-Christian bullshit, and Satan worshipping is thus nothing more than accepting the Judeo-Christian world view. FORSSA 1903 opposes Satan worshipping as forcefully as Christianity.

When opposing Christianity is accepted as an ideological basis, it's political roots can clearly be traced to social democracy. In Finland, SDP demanded removing religious education from schools and separation of church and state already in their 1903 party platform made in Forssa, which is the basis of our band's name. To some individuals in the black metal scene, national socialism and anti-Christianity match naturally. The fact is, however, that even in Finland social democracy stood against Christianity decades before those drunkards, cowards and "shit-pants" known as Nazis. Black metal doesn't settle for cheap copies, but instead goes all the way back to the roots.

It is true that even many social democrats declare themselves as Christians nowadays, which might feel like revisionism contrary to black metal at first glance. Dedication and loyalty are however another element in black metal that is important to me. No cultural and political movement wins by being mercurial and unsure, which is why I support Paavo Lipponen and Jutta Urpilainen [modern Finnish social democratic politicians] with the same fury and frenzy as the veterans of Forssa. Social democratic workers' movement, just like black metal, is an entity with various things of emphasis and waves. Its followers have to dig up the solid rock core, which you can lean to on hard times. Social democratic workers' movement, just like black metal, is based on opposing the Christian world view. This allows social democrats and black metallists, thinking and working in different ways, to find eachother. Therefore social democratic black metal, therefore social democratic workers' movement!"

And finally, a demo that I received not long ago from one of my readers in Edinburgh. He describes his tracks as "super short, super lazy and super fucking terrible", and I find it hard to disagree with. But who knows, maybe you'll hear something you like?

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  1. That first link wasn't as bad as you made it out to be