Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Day 2014 in ex-USSR (part 1)

As you know, every 1st of May a few photos and videos of what's going on during the Labour Day in Russia, Ukraine and other post-Soviet states. Comparing with previous years, the mood of demonstrators was rather downbeat this time - mostly because a can of worms was opened not long ago in Ukraine, and it significantly effects us as well. There aren't many pics/videos yet, but for now I'll post what I already have.

A brief overview of anarchist demonstrations in St.Petersburg:

Anarchists in Nizhny Novgorod (sorry, couldn't find a longer vid yet, but I expect much more to come from NN and Kirov, since there's a lot of anarchists):


Kharkiv, Ukraine. The second largest and probably the most left-wing city in, unfortunately, the most right-wing country of today's Europe:

Simferopol, Crimea:

Slavyansk, the epicenter of the conflict in Donbass. Looks like there are only "K"PU members and nationalists of various sorts, which is bad. But given the difficult situation they're in, I won't judge them hard:

Donetsk, Donbass. Federalists taking over the prosecutor's office, 26 injured so far:

Odessa, Ukraine. Borotba: "The junta will be defeated, the victory will be ours"

Odessa. This banner was probably brought by Turkish or Kurdish students:

Kherson, Ukraine. Nationalists trying to disrupt the rally:

Anarchists in Kiev. Judging from the banners, they're from AWU (at least most of them). To be honest, I don't like their recent statements and actions, but that's another topic (which I'll try to cover in my upcoming series of posts about Ukraine):

And a rare May Day video from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Don't remember hearing anything about Kyrgyz trade unionism before:

That'd be enough for today, I think. Hopefully, more will come tomorrow (or in the next few days, at least).

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