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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Louna - female-fronted modern metal from Moscow

Well, here's another band which is relatively well-known (at least in Russia and ex-USSR), whose political views appear to be quite close to those of my own. Louna is a 5-piece female-fronted modern metal band from Moscow, formed as a side project of two members of Tracktor Bowling, a very popular nu-metal band. At first I expected them to be another generic Linkin Park clone, but fortunately I was mistaken: Louna are playing a mix of punk/metal/post-grunge/whatever, with politically/socially conscious lyrics - which isn't bad at all. They also were labeled an "oriental metal" band, but I don't hear that much "oriental" influence in their music. However, two of their members - Lousiné (vocals) and Rouben (guitar) are Armenians, so they probably know better ;)

Here's some excerpts from their interview, which I tried to translate for you:

"We are all somehow involved in the political processes going on in our country and the whole world. You can say that you're indifferent / apolitical - but you still remain an inert part of the political system. Our lyrics are definitely not the last call to think of where we should go, where we want to go, and in what direction we're actually led...

We have openly atheist lyrics simply because we're born in the country where the values of Age of Enlightment, secularism, and other progressive ideas were held in a high regard. And suddenly I've noticed that everything started to sink in the medieval barbarity, despite it's already XXI century now, not XIII... The sleep of reason produces monsters, everything is that simple.

Of course we aren't like Burzum or other church burners, we just want to remind that the society consists not only of idolaters, but also of rational people - and we have every right to openly exppress our views in our lyrics. All these Christian, Muslim, Buddhist and other religious bands openly sing about their beliefs, then why shouldn't we do the same? Another question, what beliefs are the most profitable to this or that state/regime. But it's matter of dirty politicking, not human rights... But our band will never be a part of any political party - we just express our position on what we don't like and what we wish to change in the world. Our weapon is music, and for us it's the most effective...

Our song "Vendetta", apart from the obvious environmentalist message, also carries the ideas of social justice and bringing down the reign of transnational corporations. Personally I (Rouben) am currently studying the Marxist theory. I feel it's very important right now, when the socialist ideas are distorted beyond recognition. Before we take to the streets, let's first have a clear understanding of what we need to do, and why.

We are absolutely not totalitarianists, but we do admit that our society has a great amount of very severe problems, and we need very decisive and harsh kind of actions to solve them. However, the reign of big capital should become the thing of the past. We need to implement people's self-governance in some form, and I'm ready to fight for it.

Did we have any problems with the authorities because of our music? Well, we already have experienced police brutality at the gig of Tracktor Bowling in 2005, when the squad of riot police, who were just returned from Chechnya, started to behave very violently towards our listeners right in front of our eyes. Of course we immediately stopped the performance and told the police everything we thing about them, and then it was our turn to be targeted. These people were abolutely psychotic, and "we fought in Chechnya" is definitely not an excuse. Of course we have absolutely no desire to become the victims of police brutality or the prisoners of conscience, but we don't forget in what kind of country we live in, so we don't exclude such possibility..."

P.S. I've sent a letter to Rouben, and he answered me (I can imagine what amounts of mail he constantly receives... even I constantly forget to answer all my mail :( ). According to him, the rest of the band don't fully share his beliefs, but they're all open to discuss any proposals from our side. Right now I have nothing to offer them, but it'd be definitely great to have such well-known band supporting us.

UPD: Louna have released a full-length album with lyrics in English on 30th of April 2013. Might be of interest for those of you who wished them to start singing in English - Lousiné does it now, and almost without any significant accent! It's still more or less mainstream and radio-friendly alternative metal/rock, but it's honest and well-played, and I think if you like any kind of metal with female vocals (especially with political lyrics), you're advised to check it out.

I haven't asked the band for a permission to post this album yet, but already was posted on a lot of blogs (including far more popular ones than mine), so I think it'd be OK to post it here too. Click the album cover for a download link:

1 comment :

  1. I am a Canadian and a big fan of LOUNA. I think they are a wonderful band. I have been following their music since Traktor Bowling and the inception of LOUNA and have translated many of their songs into English.

    Something disturbs me however. Their music is distributed in the United States by Red Decade Records in Bakersfield California. I have learned, via YouTube videos favourited and liked by Red Decade, that this business is conservative, Republican and supports Mitt Romney for president. I am sure that the members of LOUNA would object to being represented by such a right-wing business and I have tried to get in touch with them at their facebook site to let them know about this situation, but I don’t know if I have connected.

    If you have any way of communicating with any of the members of the band could you please make them aware of the political position of Red Decade. Please let me know if you get a response. —

    Sending you a link to special video of LOUNA that not many people know about.