Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Folk/black metal against NSBM

Wikipedia says that not only Summoning are against NSBM, but Waylander, Skyforger, Moonsorrow and Týr too. Amon Amarth and Myrkgrav also have a strong anti-nsbm attitude, as far as I know. I don't mean they're political bands - they aren't, but it's completely okay for any anti-nationalist to listen to them (though some German antifas don't get it).

And the folk metal pioneers Skyclad seem to be left wing too (well... at least they're a political band, and they're supporting environmentalism). It's sad that most of the black/pagan metal bands from Eastern Europe either are nationalists or simply don't have anything against extreme right-wing beliefs. But at least such Baltic bands as Obtest & Skyforger are against NSBM.


  1. stronghold is a fantastic album

  2. The curious thing about this situation is that the godfathers of black metal, MAYHEM has been always anti religion and anti politics (right wing). Euronymous hated fascism being himself a member of the communist party in Norway. Manhein claimed to be supportive of left wing politics. The biggest influence of Mayhem was Parabellum, Sarcofago and other south american bands. Mayhem members enjoyed greatly comunication with latins and asians. A pitty that many ignorant fans always want to mix mayhem with pro white crap because of vikerness. But the band who created all and bring us black metal is totally against religion and right wing politics.

    Keep posting bands that are totally against nsbm. Since black metal is against the oppression and herd mentallity. Fuck nsbm, it bring shames to the black metal

  3. lol

    euronymous supported communism because he said communism was more evil because it killed more people!

  4. Yeah, the German BIFFF spread some shit about most of the bands you mentioned as anti-NS.

    Thanks for mentioning the Summoning thing. I had only Silenius also being an Abigor meber in mind; there is a kind of friendship with Absurd, mentioned in at least one interview. Hendrik Möbus wrote the lyrics to a song on the second Abigor album, and Abigor members did mastering jobs for several Absurd releases.

    Mayhem (speaking of the true phase, before Euronymous was killed) is not exactly anti-religious, since Euronymous was a theistic Satanist, and Satanism (which isn’t necessarily inverted Christianity) is what defines Black Metal. And he supported communist dictatorship, he rejected classical communism for being too humane. That is also why he left Red Union when the group sort of wimped out in his eyes. This comes as no surprise; if one hates people, one may find such regimes fascinating, therefore you find Black Metal people glorifying the holocaust purely because of its destructive side, without sharing the Nazis’ ideology.
    Metalion said Sarcófago’s album influenced everybody in the Norwegian scene, but still, Mayhem started before that, influenced by Venom, Bathory, Hellhammer, Sodom and Destruction. Of course, Dead and Euronymous liked the South American bands, and especially Euronymous was in contact with people worldwide.
    By the way, the bastard who became drummer after Manheim left gave racist comments (see Lords of Chaos and German Ablaze), there is also a picture of Necrobutcher in front of a Reichskriegsflagge. And a flirt with racist statements, Nazi imagery and shit wasn’t that uncommon even in the beginning, though many bands gave that up later on. But obviously, a certain Norwegian traitor is the one who sort of initiated the pro-NS shit.

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  6. "We have a zero tolerance policy towards intolerance"

    You SJW hypocrites make me sick. This is why this blog and the RABM scene are a joke

    1. "You make me sick" - that's good. We definitely aren't here to please the likes of you.

  7. this blog and the RABM scene are a joke